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  • Q. Is the Dentistry and Orofacial Surgery of Exotic Companion Mammal course on site?

    A. No. The course will be held online.

  • Q. How can an online course be practical?

    A.Online presentations are very visual. Dental and surgical procedures are presented using step-by-step photo series and videos.

    Even if held online, the course has a very practical profile.

    Find out more details about practical contents in the session schedules.

  • Q. Is the Dentistry and Orofacial Surgery of Exotic Companion Mammal course a streaming course?

    A. It is both a live and a streaming course. The course is live, worldwide. Scheduled timings are tailored for central and eastern United States, the UK and Central Europe. Check the exact time in the schedule program for each session. Recorded sessions will also be available for those who may not be able/willing to attend live, and to review the presentations again.

  • Q. How is the overall course scheduled?

    A. The course is divided in eight, stand alone sessions. Sessions will be held online in separate dates.

    Recorded sessions will also be available.

  • Q. Can I access recorded lectures anytime?

    A. Recorded sessions will also be available for a limited time, in between two live sessions, and again at the end of the course. Check the calendar of the recorded sessions.

  • Q. Can participants interact with speakers?

    A. Yes, during the live sessions. Participants can write their questions, and the speakers will address them.

  • Q. Am I supposed to register for the full course?

    A. No. With the exception of the two sessions focused on facial surgery of pet rabbits, one can register to each of the stand alone sessions, separately. You can pick the session(s) you prefer. Sessions will be held separately, so you can even register at different times.

  • Q. Does the course grant continuing education credits?

    Yes. The full course has been credited with 38 CE credits by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards.

    Each individual session also grants CE credits.

    Participants should check their country specific requirements and whether RACE approval is recognized. Usually, RACE approved credits are acknowledged in other countries.

  • Q. Do recorded sessions grant continuing education credits?

    Recorded sessions do NOT grant RACE CE credits.

    However, an Attendance Certificate reporting the number of CE hours will be issued also for those who will attend recorded sessions.

  • Q. Does participation grant a certificate?

    A. Yes. If you register for the full course, you will receive a single certificate. If you attend one or more separate sessions, you will receive one or more certificate(s) for that/those session(s).

  • Q. How can I pay for my registration?

    A. You can pay using PayPal or your credit card.

  • Q. Is the payment method secure?

    A. PayPal is the world leader for secure online payments and transactions. Find more about PayPal at

    This website is protected by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate provided by DigiCert Inc. It is secure for any vistor, including transactions.

  • Q. How is the cancellation and refund policy?

    A. We are open to refund 100% of the registration fee if cancellation is notified by e-mail before links for entering the zoom meeting are sent (usually, a week before the meeting).

    Please note that the refund will not include any PayPal transaction costs.

    No refund will be allowed for those who will not show up at the online meeting, or those unable to connect.

  • Q. What is the platform for the online sessions?

    A. The course will be held using the Zoom platform.

    Each session will be managed by a professional company located in Italy. Before registration, the participant is supposed to download and install the Zoom app on the electronic device used for the online meeting.

  • Q. How can I join the meetings?

    A. A few days before each online meeting, you will receive a link via e-mail. Usually, this is sent 2-3 days prior the meeting. Check your e-mail, and contact us if you do NOT receive the link.

  • Q. What happens if I will have problems with my online connections?

    A. The participant is responsible for the local online connection.

    No refund is granted for connection failure.

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